Whistler Skating Club is committed to:

  • Conducting a variety of skating programs at the skill and age levels appropriate to the club's membership.

  • Operating on a non-profit basis for the general purpose of providing skating facilities at a reasonable cost to all members.

  • Providing Skate Canada qualified coaches for all programs.

  • Providing adequate insurance coverage for all members.


Spring / Summer 2019 Programs

CanSkate - Learn to Skate

CanSkate is Skate Canada’s flagship ‘Learn to Skate’ program. In a fun and interactive environment with Skate Canada professionally trained and certified coaches, CanSkate teaches the fundamentals of skating to help build a foundation for all skating and is necessary for skaters hoping to advance to other Whistler Skating Club programs. Skaters are grouped by age and skill, beginning in Stage 1 progressing to Stage 6. Awards and incentives are earned as skater’s progress.

Hockey Skating Development

Hockey Skating Development is geared to young hockey players who want to improve their skating technique for increased power, strength, and coordination. This program will focus on, and significantly improve, skating skills such as crosscuts, forwards and backwards, and stop and starts. Skaters will have passed CanSkate Level 3 or higher, be 5 to 9 yrs old, and have the ability to perform forward crosscuts and stopping skills to enter program

Summer Skating & Athlete Development Camp

Whistler Skating Club Athlete Development Camp: a time to get back into skating shape and really progress in skating ability. Designed for all recreational and competitive skaters who are CanSkate Badge 4 or higher. The camp will feature on and off-ice specialized training and conditioning programs with highly skilled professional coaches, and trainers. Offered daily: individual and group on-ice coaching; off-ice physical conditioning; and performance sport workshops discussing mental conditioning, visualization, motivation, and goal setting.



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